The innovative approach to business support that Limerick Institute of Technology and Limerick Chamber have created through the National Franchise Centre is paying dividends. The mentoring, training, support and experience that the programme provides is of tremendous benefit to new entrepreneurs and the programme is going from strength-to-strength.

Minister Jan O’Sullivan T.D

I have found the FAST programme exceptional in all aspects from the very start. It has provided a great mix of practical business start up, personal development and formal learning in a practical setting in the NFC along with the mentors and facilitators who have provided us with their invaluable expertise, support and knowledge in our journey through the programme. I have found it very beneficial in all its aspects from the initial introduction to franchising to the mentorship and especially the profiling by the discovery partnership. The NFC itself is a great centre in a convenient location with facilities suited to the curriculum and to the needs of the participants, albeit in a classroom setting, in private sessions, in conference rooms or in the individual office spaces. I also feel we have created our own network within the programme through our personal interactions and a mix of vast knowledge and experience in many backgrounds which will benefit us long after we have finished. Overall a brilliant (and in my opinion successful) concept and admiration must be given to the initiative of all concerned, in its inception and roll out. I feel this programme has the potential to get better as is progresses. I feel it has been instrumental in my researching and subsequent purchase of a franchise and look forward to future interactions within the LIT and associated programmes.

Brian Ambrose, Munster Tool Company


The programme offers exceptional training, support which is needed especially for those coming from the void of unemployment. I would have taken a lot longer to get my business off the ground without this programme and would not have been able to do it without the confidence that I now have. The knowledge imparted through the training was empowering.

Maura Kinney, Ultimate Ireland


I would recommend this programme to anyone who has any notion of running their own business: It elevates your enthusiasm to succeed. It gives you the opportunities to explore the viability of various Franchise businesses, or customisation of your own business ideas. The mentoring & training, in every aspect of establishing & running a successful business, is provided by professional experts from the highest positions in Irish industry. The facilities, guidance & organisation provided by LIT gives a great sense of security & optimism into the future. The opportunities for networking & promoting your business amongst piers & local industries is facilitated & encouraged by providing access to the local enterprise boards & industry networks.

John Dennehy


The FAST Programme has helped me in all areas of business. Being involved in an existing business it has allowed me to look at areas that I have over looked and has pointed me in the right direction when it comes to franchising an existing business.

Tim McGrath, Tim's Driving School


This course has great potential. Bring mature people together who will have a goal to be employed. The Franchise model is proven successful and many people can go that way or can copy this model to suit t heir own particular business. Education is very important and networking and this course provides this

Joe O'Shea, Banner Bog Oak


FAST helped me in every aspect of my business from start to finish. I will be forever grateful to everyone who has helped me with my business adventure. I have met many friends on the program and I will never forget the generosity that I have received over the last 6 months. I may not make a million but I'm sure to make a difference.

Leon Andersen, LA Magic


In my new business Career Coaching Solutions I will be recommending people with business start up ideas to the FAST Programme

Marian Walsh, Career Coaching Solutions


I found that the FAST programme greatly enhanced both my personal and professional development. The FAST programme provided me the time, contacts, resources, networking opportunities, support and mentorship to enable me to thoroughly research my self-employment options. Although I have decided to pursue employment rather than self-employment I feel that my participation on this course has greatly improved my employment prospects.

Kim Johnson


The FAST program has provided access to the most professional of mentors, facilities and networks that has put structure and targets and purpose in driving our business idea to become a live up and running business with huge potential growth going forward. The mentors have been outstanding in their guidance and support on superior business planning and strategy. Guidance in all areas such as Financial, Sales, Marketing and Research. Tuition in areas as negotiation skills, confidence building, communication skills, presentation skills, goal setting and the list goes on. Our success to date is a result of a very special program called FAST/NFC and the people behind this program. We are privileged to have been offered a place on the course. We will be forever grateful. Thanks a million to you all.

Denis Connaughton, Surface Cleaning Solutions


The FAST Programme has been a superb experience with excellent back up, advice and expertise available and a genuine energy buzz every day at the National Franchise Centre. With a balanced mix of hands on mentoring coupled with superb learning sessions which covered all aspects of business start up, the good, the bad and the ugly, the FAST programme ticks all the boxes.

Colm Barry, BPM Project Management


The FAST programme afforded me the opportunity to assess and calibrate my capabilities and aspirations. I discovered that I had both a talent and desire to mentor and assist other team members. While this was a strong attraction as a life direction, I further discovered that the Corporate fit, the complexity of large Corporate Business had a more significant attraction and the reality of having a predictable salary had a higher value than the uncertainty of unrealised potential.

Gary Kennedy


The FAST Programme has helped me in all areas of business. Being involved in an existing business it has allowed me to look at areas that I have over looked and has pointed me in the right direction when it comes to franchising an existing business and doing it the correct way, as I am now the pilot franchisee for the business.

Karen Corcoran, Argos Fire & Safety


The most practical training I have ever received and presented in a very user friendly way. Thanks to LIT, the Discovery Partnership & all involved in the FAST training course, I have gone from being unemployed with no job prospects to being my own boss & running my own business in less than 6 months - Thank you all & well done.

Simon Conlan- FitKids


Because of the appropriate selection process this program has reached 95% of it aims. The combination of initial profiling by the Discovery Partnership, the focus training with all the different module(my favourite was retail with Gillian Dooley ) and the mentoring with technical support have been very effective Other benefits of the fast program: • The Business plan • Team work with colleagues • The lessons learned • Alone I go FAST , together we go further • A dream without a plan will always be a dream • Like to be in the thick of the action Ø Think outside the box, deliver practical solution Ø Provides charismatic leadership Enthusiasm, ensure that there is never a dull moment

Patrice Mahu, IQMS (A dear friend RIP)


In my opinion the FAST program provided the perfect launch pad for our business idea. This was for a number of reasons. Honest feedback from both mentors & fellow students is necessary. The quality of the FAST tutors is, in general, excellent. A superb course with full credit to LIT and the Limerick Chamber of Commerce.

Nino Matassa, Trecal