Limerick Chamber of Commerce
96 O'Connell Street, Limerick
Tel: 061 415180

Limerick Chamber is one of the five oldest Chambers of Commerce in Ireland and the UK.  It was formally constituted by Charter on 2nd June 1815 but had established itself as a Chamber of Commerce in 1805.  Up to then it was known as the Society of Merchants of the Staple whose origins trace back to the Guild of Merchants in the early 17th Century. 

Limerick Chamber is one of the major provincial Chambers of Commerce in Ireland with some 600 member companies representing industry, trade, commerce, tourism and the professional services.  The Limerick Chamber covers Limerick City, Limerick County, Shannon – where we have a branch office and South East Clare.  We are affiliated to Chambers Ireland which links us to a network of some 60 chambers with 13,000 members around the country. 

The mission of Limerick Chamber is to provide business leadership and to promote and enhance economic well-being and quality of life so that all areas of our community can prosper.   We are fundamentally a business representative and lobbying organisation and that is in business for its members. 

Limerick Chamber: